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03 nov 2022

Truck smokes and runs uneven at idle intermittently, and has excessive blue gray smoke all the time at idle. The truck has a recent DFC engine, with a 68mm 4094 and Fass fuel system. This is the only mods done to the truck.

Other shops have replaced injectors w/ bosch reman, engine harness, cam and crank sensors.

I have checked compression - 200/400 each cylinder

Tested two injectors - #3 and #5 - tested good

Checked fuel pressure and quality - no air, good pressure

Bypassed Fass just in case - no change

Replace MPROP and put clear hose on CP3 to see if air was in the system - all good

I have scoped the cam and crank tone wheels - cannot see anything wrong

Turbo has no excessive play. I have swapped known good ECM and Injectors from another truck. Truck pulls intermittent cam or crank sensor performance codes, but has not pulled a code for the last 5 weeks.

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